Open Data

The data of subproject 3, the longitudinal study, are available for other scientists or other interested persons on

The longitudinal study has eight waves.
A sample of adult Dutch online users, representative with regard to sex, age, education level, and urban/rural area of living n = 3367 in wave 1, n = 861 who participated in all eight wave; n = 1745 in wave eight who participated in at least wave 1; recruited by GFK intomart), were surveyed  twice a year on their social media use and various indicators of social capital (e.g., resource generator, civic engagement) and well-being (e.g., stress, life satisfaction).
We focused especially on the use of
– Facebook or another platform used mainly for private purposes
– LinkedIn or another platform used mainly for professional purposes
– Twitter or another (micro-)blogging platform
Users received questions on frequency of various activities, motives, self-disclosure on the platform and network composition.

Ethical approval for the longitudinal study was provided by the institutional review board (Lokale Ethikkommission) of the Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien (Tübingen, Germany; LEK 2013/016).

See for the full list of variables and for the questionnaires used in the respective waves (Dutch and English).
The data are archived in the original Dutch version. The English version is a bit hard to find – if you click on, select one of the waves and click on questions. If you then click on “Browse Questionnaire Social Media Wave X”, you can switch between the English and Dutch version.

Click here for the scale references.
These data might be interested for various researchers, e.g.:
– scholars interested in the effects of social-media use
– sociologists or other researchers interested in the relationship between social capital and demographics
– methodologists working on methods for analyzing longitudinal panel data

More information on the conditions for using the dataset can be found here:
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