Method specialist wanted! – for position or as collaborators

Are you interested in the long-term effects of social media use? Then join our team!

Johannes is leaving our team by April 1st, so we are looking for another method specialist with experience in analyzing complex longitudinal data-sets.

As the project ends in December 2017, the position is temporary.

The collection of the 8th and last wave of the longitudinal study will start soon, and we will share the dataset afterwards. We have detailed information on Facebook use, LinkedIn use and Twitter use from a representative sample of Dutch online users and a bunch of social capital indicators (e.g., stress, social support, civic engagement, informational benefits). If you are interested in working with us, just contact me at


PhD position available

The announcement for the second PhD position is out! We are looking for someone with a (research) master in social or media psychology, communication science or a related discipline who is going to examine the emotional benefits of social media use.
More information on the procedure