First journal paper published!

We are happy to announce that our first project paper, titled as “Emotional Responses of Browsing Facebook: Happiness, Envy, and Tie Strength), is now published in Computers and Human Behavior (download here)!

The paper examines the emotional responses (both positive and negative) of browsing Facebook, and how these are influenced by tie strength (relationship closeness between the reader and poster).

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Social media use and social support – lessons learned from ICA

We are not the only research group interested in the effects of social media use on social capital, that is, the emotional and informational benefits people can get from their social networks. Many talks at the ICA, the conference of the International Communication Association (June 17 – 31, 2013) focused on social media (see here and several focused more specifically on the relationships between Facebook use and social support. What did they find? Continue reading